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Corporate Identity Creation and Branding


In the ever-increasing competitive market environment of today, to have an effective corporate identity and branding strategy is the most important tool for your business and will give you an edge whether you run a large or small, retail or even B2B corporate. A strong genuine brand is most probably a vital asset and the fastest vehicle driving you into success in your marketing communication to the targeted audience.

A strong corporate identity and brand will set you apart from your competitors and will allow your customers to easily identify the goods and services bearing your brand and to differentiate them from other sellers or service providers.

Creating a brand for your business is creating your overall image and is what will make your clients to recognize and remember you. it is the brand that speaks out and tells your clients who you are and what values you stand for. First you need to keep a special eye on properly creating it and then move on to promoting it.

When it comes to branding your company, consistency is something critical. you should maintain a consistent look and feel in everything you company puts out. This will significantly convey a message of credibility and professionalism to you clients which will be positively reflected on your corporate's competitive edge in the global market.

At iWeb, our creative branding team is able to assist you in creating a corporate identity and branding package that will definitely help you get you corporate business name recognized. Whether you are a business planner starting from scratch or a business owner or entrepreneur wants to give your existing corporate identity a little make-over for new market trends adaptability, iWeb is here to help!

Our distinguished CI Creation & Branding Services are tailor-made to meet all your needs. Such services encompass a wide range of creative solutions including custom logo design/recreation, strategy development, corporate identity, naming, brand application, packaging and rebranding.

At iWeb, we have a hand-picked team of creative calibers enjoying years of experience in creating stunning logos that will ensure you maintain both look and feel of your business.

With iWeb, you will no longer be worried about your logo creation and design at all. Our team of professional graphic designers will help you getting a logo that embodies the personality and aspirations of your business, strongly places you in your marketplace and differentiates you from others.

Developing a brand strategy may represent one of the most challenging steps in your marketing plan as it's the key to create and establish the corporate identity. Your brand strategy encompasses how, what, where, when and who the targeted audience you plan to communicate and deliver your branded messages.

Since your brand will be definitely communicated throughout the life of your business, it's critical for you to get it right. Our people will help you develop the most efficient strategy.

Creating a strong and genuine corporate identity is essential step to having your foot on the door in the increasingly competitive marketplace of today. At iWeb, we will help you establishing a distinguished corporate identity that will set you apart from the competition and make your company unforgettable to your audience.

A strong corporate identity and brand will set you apart from your competitors and will allow your customers to easily identify the goods and services bearing your brand and to differentiate them from other sellers or service providers.

A brand name is a key, yet critical, decision in development of the marketing plan. Whether you try to name a corporate, a new feature, product or service, you have to keep an eye on choosing the most attracting name get attention and be easily recognizable by your audience.

From now on and thanks to the dedicated naming service offered by iWeb, your have nothing to worry about. We will work with you from the scratch to develop, evaluate and select the stunning name that reflects your message.

At iWeb, Naming is a complete service package integrates the following:

  • Strategy Development
  • Name suggestion
  • Trademark Evaluation
  • Consumer Research
  • Linguistic and Cultural Research

iWeb team of professional corporate identity and branding experts believes that consistency and well deployment of your corporate identity is the key to bring your brand to life.

As a customized service, iWeb Brand Application will ensure you that your CI and Brand is being applied across your entire business including stationary, promotional materials, websites, social media networks, signage, official uniforms and staff training.

Smart packaging is not only a visual reflection of your brand and genuine corporate identity, but it also helps to define your competitive edge, support your price point and differentiate you from the crowd.

We will help you design and deploy the most fitting creative corporate identity and brand package for your company/business in the best manner. This will include:

  • Stationery Design
  • Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes
  • Professional Print Ready Artwork Files
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Brochures
  • Website Design

The rapidly changing world of business and finance necessitates quick adaptation and sticking to the market trends. As a business owner, from time to time to you may have create a new look and feels for an established service or product, and refine the design of your logo as to ensure standing out from others.

Rebranding efforts includes for example changing the name, creating new logo/redesign, packaging or even updating marketing materials and advertorials. iWeb market experts and professional designers will help you every step of the way.

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