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creative design

Creative Design


db-web team brings digital ideas to life with beautifully executed, creative design. The blending of style and technology we offer in conjunction with our expertise enables your business to succeed on the Web.

creative design
  • Limitless Imagination for wide range of design solutions will take your business to the next level
  • Great website design demonstrates credibility and expertise
  • Inculcate positive impressions and making “remarkable factor” keep your site's visitors coming back

You're here for creative web design, for the look-and-feel of your business. The layout that will guide your customers' eyes, the graphics and colors that communicate your company's expertise and history to your targeted audience.

In our day-to-day competitive business environment, your website is no more just a brochure for your company. Working on such concept, db-web Creative Design team of hand-picked calibers keep in mind that your website design has several functions in the eyes of your target audience. The value of your website design involves acting as a brand centerpiece, selling tool and a support assistant takes a lot of burden off your staff, if well-designed.

For we are well aware that your successful web design project needs due plan and preparation, we've developed a simple guide to ensure that nothing vital to your success is left to chance. Our db-web team adopts a very precise and dedicated process cycle that let us provide the cutting-edge and creative design for your company to have a good standing in the eyes of your customers.

db-web professional designers have the sufficient knowledge and know-how necessary to maximize the potential of your presence on the web by attracting your audience and enhancing their user experience. With the utmost professionalism, db-web can create the most fast loading, high-quality and eye-catching graphics and designs intended for user easy accessibility.

Our Approach & Methodology

creative designSome of the creativity-driven design professionals dedicated for your full satisfaction

Our hand-picked calibers will work with you every step of the way to figure out the best strategy that gets your ideas into reality with in the shortest period of time at reasonable budget best fits you.

At db-web, starting a new design project means there is a specific process cycle to be strictly followed involving number of irreplaceable steps helping us achieve the best results. For such end, we have developed and adopted the following creative design process cycle:

Gather Information
Create an Outline
Ensure creativity
Initials Sketches
Design Multiple Versions
Revisions & Improvements

Gather Information,Before heading to a design project, of course we will need to know what exactly our dear clients want. So, the first, yet most important, step is to listen to your client and gather as much as you can relevant information and details defining the scope of work.
As a client, you may be asked the following questions by our professional experts:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the message you want to deliver?
  • What is the budget and deadline for this project?
  • Can you provide a preferable example of designs attract you?
  • What is the corporate brand you need to match?

Create an Outline, Based on the information gathered in the first step, we will be able to develop an initial outline of the project to present it to the client for approval and feedback before proceeding to the next step. Such outline includes all major dimensions and technical specifications for the end-user design we will deliver.

Ensure creativityn, As db-web team, we do care more and are passionate for creativity. Before initiating the design itself, our professional design experts take some time thinking about creative solutions for the project at hand. Favorable examples of the work liked y the client can be used as a guideline with our goal to come up with new different ideas aiming at the top-notch design setting us apart from competition.

Initials Sketches and Wireframes, We care for time consumed; thus, before heading to design software and programs such as Illustrator or InDesign, our designers will create simple sketches for the design layout. A client can easily review them and give his feedback or required changes so that we are headed in the right direction through presenting quick sketches of the design concepts, line drawings, elements place. This is most helpful in matching the needs of our clients.

Design Multiple Versions, Having done the required research, gathered the necessary information, finalized your design concepts, gotten approved for initial sketches and wireframes, it's time to move on the actual design phase for the end-user product.
Throughout this step, our team provides the client with more than one versions of the design so client will have more options and can agree on one or more unique versions as preferred, and give us at the same time more ability to investigate their preferable elements from each version and combine them all in one final design.

Revisions & Improvements, Here you are. This is the last step in our creative design process cycle “Revisions and improvements”. db-web team care to encourage “mixing and matching” in the designs we provide. Based on our client valued suggestions in “revisions” phase, our team manages to present a second round of the design output. We urge our clients to have their say on what looks best and what doesn't, all in order to refine our produced design and reaching a final end-user version.

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