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Custom Applications Development


Within such competitive marketplace, the world is witnessing technology advancements and programming landscape changes in order to accommodate the growing technological needs of people around the globe. db-web always improves itself to provide distinguished clients with the best ever development solutions possible.

Let yourself drive business success with db-web custom applications development.

custom applications development

According to IDG Enterprise for Research & Reports, 78% of chief information officers and business leaders around the world adopt using custom application development as a strategic and effective tool for achieving business goals for their corporates.

db-web, we have a hand-picked team of highly skilled app developers who know well how to combine best-of-breed software development tools with innate understanding of building customized solutions that will deliver a competitive advantage to our clients.

good number of major brands in the Egypt, and Middle East rely on db-web to deliver custom applications helping them initiating established success stories in their core business. Building on many added-values including faster launching time to the market, competitive costs for development, more interesting user experience, secure and real-time integration of multiple data sources, we have the high-end solutions and sufficient expertise and resources to help you grow your business and meet your custom application objectives.

Tailor-made solutions meeting your overall need

db-web well-versed team of developers know that it's only thinking out-of-the-box will give you the desired a head-start to set yourself apart from competitors. Our team provides you with tailored solutions adopting a holistic approach in solving business challenges facing your corporate.

db-web proven expertise, track record of success, and reputation for on-time delivery within client budgets will help you overcome such challenge with well-designed and scalable solutions that integrate with your existing systems and applications.

Bigger business problems rise, greater demand for custom apps development that solve them!

db-web offers custom application development services for a wide range of clients. Due to our extensive industry experience and in-depth understanding of business processes, we support and provide highly customized solutions for our clients. Our skilled team of specialists can help you build and create sophisticated applications, meet your business requirements and introduce individualized process innovation. In the current time there is an increased demand for application development, many companies need to deploy effective and timely systems that will increase its efficiency and generate considerable revenue.

Our Approach

At db-web, we're specialized in Application Development but with a new customer-focused approach; for we're dedicated to our customers' satisfaction and as we set in the forefront of our core values that each client separately is more important to us, db-web develops the most user-friendly customized software apps on time and within budget of our distinguished clients. We're adopting new methodologies and tools using the latest technologies.

Prior to designing any App model for our distinguished clients, we allow for client engagement and meeting with our professional team of calibers in order to best understand the needs and specifications needed as well as the desired results aiming at growing the business of our clients with consistent profitability.

Our team members work closely with your staff to set access controls and monitoring measures. If any bug figured out, it will be fixed promptly. Once application is deployed effectively in end-user's environment, our team will deliver the application to your administrators.

Wait...That's not all of it, at db-web we carry out extensive testing in order to ensure all stakeholders getting the best of our developed custom apps for we firmly believe that such app should be built right from the first time with no room for chance or development-related mistakes.

db-web Custom App Development lifecycle: From Concept To Production

Custom applications development team starts with assessment of your corporate business situation, working with you every step of the way for best understanding of your objectives and identifying opportunities for system improvements in order to:

custom development
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Raise overall business efficiency

The below list explains the essential steps of our lifecycle necessary to custom apps development as it outlines general guidelines that are usually adopted by db-web in every app development project.

Project Brief
Feasibility Study
Design & Coding
Testing & Development
Production Deployment

Project Brief,Designers and developers prepare a brief about your project's components which are essential in the beginning of custom apps development process. This brief should consider the following:

  • Resource Allocation: tools and technologies which will be utilized in the project at hand
  • Defining and assigning roles: assign roles to the qualified persons (e.g. project manager, team leader, designers and developers, etc.)
  • Reports and measurements of your components
  • Marketing management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • After Sale Process

Feasibility Study, This step determines the required resources, estimated cost of the project and the delivery schedule accordingly.
It determines whether the project will offer custom solutions to the client and if not, the team offers suggestions to improve feasibility. It also provides an overview of the existing system or application - if any - and the proposed system. Risk assessment is a must to complete feasibility study. It aims at identifying possible risks, taking proactive and preventive measures. Some of these risks include and not limited to:

  • Coding errors
  • Possible failures during programming, module integration and installation of custom applications, etc.

Design & Coding, This phase requires collaboration between designers and developers to identify specific designs for the application illustrating various features of user interface (UI). Designers and developers identify tools and software will be used to build your application, such as SQL Server database and ColdFusion, etc. once design is finished, coding phase can begin by which design is translated into programming language to ensure the best manner of implementing the design. It is important in this phase to involve the client to ensure that design and development process meet client's requirements and expectations.

Testing & Development, Quality Control (QC) team will test each and every function and feature of the application in testing environment using Bug Tracking System (BTS) to identify faults of coding phase and all results will be recorded then User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will be performed by the client to make sure that custom application development process is on the right track.

Production Deployment, Our team members work closely with your staff to set access controls and monitoring measures. If any bug figured out, it will be fixed promptly. Once application deployed effectively in end-user's environment, our team will deliver the application to your administrators.

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