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Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

db-web Mobile ApplicationsWith technology progressing in leaps and bounds, people are now able to witness the growing number of impeccable tech gadgets. Companies now have mobile apps along with websites which definitely simplifies customers' access to the information needed and to services provided. Among types of applications that come in handy for companies nowadays are corporate applications for sales' needs, e-commerce stores, informational apps, games and more. Having a mobile app means making it more convenient for clients get what they need; it increases sales and recognition by making your company corresponds to modern market standards.

Since apps are developed to bring people together and keep them tuned with each other's' updates and status, db-web keeps in mind when developing a new mobile app for our distinguished clients to integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. sometimes we - upon clients request - integrate a custom network of relevant users to allow for public or private communication as well as easy sharing of photos, music, videos, and personal events among many others.

Our Adopted Approach

Mobile Solutiondb-web utilize its integrated set of industry, technology, and multi-platform expertise for successfully developing the most effective mobile application to serve our clients.

db-web team of professional web developers and programmers with distinctive expertise adopts a client-focused result-oriented approach, modern lifecycle for development process and the most appropriate combination of both on-shore and off-shore resources to guarantee the success of your moble application development project.

With db-web infinite solutions and dedicated services, you can develop a new application, enhance an existing one, or migrate to a new platform. From now on, you have never to be worry about it at all, our approach in db-web ensures the application being tailor-made for your specific needs while at the same time operates with your current systems. We have experienced programmers and developers whose task is to ensure usability in user experience as a key part of every application we work on.

db-web Team Provides Interactive Solutions Keeping Users Want More...

  • Platform Appropriate. We build app that is optimized for a mobile user, taking advantage of the natural qualities of the smartphone or tablet. We make sure your app is compatible and functional for all brands and devices.
  • Short Launch Time. It's about optimization again, and your app might be large and packed with features. But mobile users don't care. They use their devices now and then, for short durations. They want something that launches in less than 5-6 seconds. However, you can display a simple, yet catchy, animation for the loading time; this screen will hold attention long enough. It would be your unfolding logo or a cool progress bar.
  • Code-Quality-Zero-Bugs. We ensure that the code is reliable, correct, and thoroughly self-verified; It is a must that we completely understand all the results and impacts our changes will cause, because you only deserve the best and nothing more.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support. We fight against the planned obsolescence of your systems. We are here to help throughout the entire life cycle of your software.
  • Build end-to-end mobility solutions. It helps organizations in reinforcing their workforce productivity and collaboration. It includes custom web service development, innovative engineering and 3rd party software application. End-to-end mobility solutions require Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) for end devices.
  • Online services. We create mobile apps soundly integrated with web services or informational online resources including but not limited to: online games, financial services, social media and e-commerce.
  • Innovative User-Centric Mobile Apps. Our services and solutions serve both prestigious companies and ambitious startups providing various benefits for mobile users, such as cloud computing in back-end, location-based apps and advanced graphics processing, etc.
  • Proof of Concept (POC). It aims at ensuring throughput is provided via given customization and finding solutions to technical problems, such as system integration, to minimize risks and sustain the development process.

Generally speaking, when a client thinks of developing a mobile app, the first thing comes to mind is to choose between both two important and most popular platforms of today which are Android and iOS.

Android Applications

Android Applicationsdb-web is proud to have creativity-oriented team of Android developers having extensive and diversified experience in web and mobile applications who not only help our distinguished clients developing new and unique applications, but they also excel in upgrading their existing iOS or web apps into truly native Android applications.

db-web will endeavor to put into practice a diverse skill set of android platform development integrated with the associated Java technologies emerged over the last 10 years in order to design, develop and launch an app which will be seen as an amazing app in the Android market. db-web well-versed developers will provide you with the design, development and deployment of amazing user-friendly Android apps. We will deliver full-featured Android apps whether Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Client (B2C) including but not limited to database management salutations (DMS), customer relationship management (CRM) as well as internal systems.

iOS Applications

iOS ApplicationsSince emergence, iOS has been well-known and recognized with great popularity. Nowadays it is seen as the main mobile platform attracting more than 500 million people.

Thanks to iOS (iPhone & iPad), you can get the whole world within your fingertips with wide reach to millions of users across the globe. No matter you aim at acquiring information related to customers, raising people awareness and engagement on your brand, widening your reach at the social media community level or even if you want to boost your revenues, db-web is your ever-best mobile apps developer

iOS App development has proven advantage over other mobile platforms as it exhibit smooth and intuitive user interface with consistent user experience that can impress the end users. Since every app has to conform to Apple standards for avoiding security threats, db-web has a professional team of highly-skilled iOS App developers having extensive experience with Objective-C, Cocoa Touch and X-Code who will ensure your iOS is safe and compatible.

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