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Thanks to global innovations, the Internet and technology, people around the world are turning nowadays to brand their names, craft their corporate identity, promote their products and services and reach their targeted audience through online advertising and SEO techniques.


In such competitive work environment of today, you need to have a foot on the door in order to reach the largest number of stakeholders in the language and location you specify. You are also in a dire need to increase traffic into your website so as to rank at the top of search engines, engage your customers and increase your scalability worldwide.

Atdb-web will provide you with a variety of packages to meet all your needs in a smarter, user-friendly and cost-effective manner. db-web team of professionals and hand-picked calibers will work with you every step of the way to find out the most flexible package fitting your needs while keeping in mind your budget edge by focusing on the most effective globally-recognized ways and trends of SEO-driven online presence.

As SEO is closely relevant to custom Web Development services, db-web is a one-stop-shop having more than 10 years of experience in custom web development and building SEO-friendly websites. Our professional team has boasted the businesses of a wide range of clients, from SMEs to large blue-chip companies. We have successfully worked on optimization projects for large e-commerce sites of well-known brands as well as producing some stunning results for clients in competitive industries such as multi-lingual content providers, real estate agents, investments groups, finance, tourism and travel.

db-web is the first leading Egypt web solutions company specializing in designing, developing, building and delivering SEO-compatible websites. We offer a wide variety of search engine optimization services customized to fit your business needs to get recognized and takes the top priority.

Search engine optimization

At db-web, we adopt a strategic SEO plan that will:

  • Fit your overall marketing plan,
  • Be directed to your targeted audience, and
  • Result in a content-rich website consistent with search keywords.

From now on, you will have nothing to worry about your search engine rank. Once your website is optimized by our SEO experts in collaboration with professional web designers, developers and most skillful content writers, we will provide you with ongoing services dedicated to keep you on top of the ever-changing world of online search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important, what is in it for you?

db-web SEOSearch Engine Optimization is so important in such ever-increasing competitive work environment we live in. Relevant statistics on using latest information technologies and internet for online search shows that 62% of users click on links found on the first page of search results. Overall, 90% of users will click on links found in the first three pages of search results, 58% of Google searchers also visited at least one of the other top two search engines, Yahoo! and MSN Search. According to OneStat.com, 45% of all searchers use phrases of three or more words when they search.

Search engine optimization helps you reaching the online universe, ensuring the your website is mostly accessible to search engines, improving and increasing the chances for your business to be easily found by the searching users.

5 Reasons why you should use SEO

    db-web Search engine optimization
  • {1}

    Brand Awareness

    For your business, to have a website with high-ranking means more people are likely to see the name of your company and get familiar with your branded products. Even if such visitors have not made a purchase, brand awareness is enough.

  • {2}

    Targeted Traffic

    Search Engine Optimization helps you to bring customers to your door step. Leads brought to you by SEO are paying customers seeking products or services as they have been directed to your website after looking in the search engines for the keywords and

    phrases relevant to your core activity.

  • {3}

    Long Term Cost Benefit

    Using strong and effective SEO strategy will help assist you achieve a good ranking for specific keywords. It's very cost-effective for on the long term, you will not pay for the traffic it generates as in Pay Per Click (PPC) methods.

  • {4}

    Brand credibility

    When visitors find you top ranked on the results of search engines, this is definitely reflected on a higher level of brand trust. Visitors are thus more likely to bookmark your website URL, spending time reading your content for later return as customers.

  • {5}

    Your Competitors

    Search engine optimization will definitely help you stay ahead of your competitors which can boost the perceived standing of your corporate within the marketplace.

db-web SEO services is your best choice!

Search engine optimizationdb-web search engine optimization services are dedicated for your full satisfaction and our packages will best fit all your needs for raising your online presence and increasing the profitability from the web.

We pride ourselves on providing search engine optimization services that collaborate both intensive market research for the most appropriate keywords, and integrity of all content we develop and deploy in all your websites pages.

In pursue of professional work, db-web distinguishes itself from the others by the following added values:

  • We strictly adopt to only employ ethical SEO techniques or white hat SEO practices. The reason here is that unethical ones can not only result in your website being banned from the search engines, but it can also be negatively reflected on your brand and reputation.
  • Our team is dedicated for getting you the high rank for as many relevant and top-notch search keywords as possible in order to increase your visibility and targeted audience.
  • We adopt continuous follow-up strategy through daily monitoring key changes occurred in search engines, codes and logarithms. We are keen on keeping your website up-to-date with the latest changes in ranking criteria.
  • We have hand-picked team of SEO experts having more than 10 years of technical experience in building and developing search-engine-optimized webpages.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

db-web.comSearch Engine Optimization is the preparation of website pages and involves a number of factors, including page layout, URL structure and strategic positioning of keywords in the content. Your website should be designed, written and coded with the keywords and phrases most likely to be used by your target audience, so when a search engine spider reads over your web pages it lists your site under the search terms relevant to your business.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process How It Works?

seoSEO success on the long term and your business online presence depends on the good understanding of the complicated process and techniques used by search engine to evaluate and give ranks priorities for the so many websites. Our team applied the most effective approach up to the latest changes in this field. You have to rest assured that your web presence is in good hands.

SEO is a multi-staged process involving so many factors that at the end will result in your website getting high rank on the first page of search engines. db-web SEO services collaborates the following approaches:

  1. Architectural Optimization

    Since the very beginning, when a client is going to create a website, it's necessary to start thinking about optimizing the website's architectural design in order to be SEO-friendly so that it can be easily found and highly ranked by search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

    Search engine spiders mechanism is quite complicated in the approach of determining which websites to show up on the top results. Our team has the effective know-how that will give you the most effective website layout keeping your website architecture and content in tune with factors valued by search engines.

  2. Off-site Optimization

    On the race to higher ranks on the search engine results first pages, Off-site Optimization is the main concern for it has more to do with everything outside your website. Off-site optimization makes up a big part of about 75% of your SEO efforts in order for website getting to the top. db-web is all here for this challenge.

    In SEO, Off-site or as known off-page optimization is all about factors having effect on website listing in natural search results. Such factors are off-site as they're beyond your control and are not simply coded on your page. Off-site Optimization is a little trickier and requires ongoing efforts as most major search engines are all looking for other external sites linking back to your website. They see it as an indicator for good content you have deployed so if a great deal of external websites link to yours, then you must have a good stunning, yet distinguished, content.

    Today search engines are looking for respectable links to give high marks to your website in general. db-web will help you with getting links to thousands of real websites that will definitely credit you and then give your website a big jump on search engines ranking.

  3. Feeds, RSS and XML Sitemaps

    Submitting good architected and easy-to-flow sitemaps can be an important component of the website optimization process as sitemaps enable search engines to easily discover all your webpages, cash and download them quickly when any changes are made.

    Sitemaps can have the form of XML sitemap, RSS or Atom feeds. The significant difference is that XML sitemap give a full description of the whole set of URLs within your website while RSS or Atom feeds represent recent changes in your website once made.

    For the optimal results based on crawling best practices, our skilled SEO team in db-web recommends using both XML sitemaps and RSS/Atom feeds. We will assist you in two ways: put the most effective XML sitemap that will give google and other search engines detailed information about all pages you have on your website. On the other hand, our team will employ RSS/Atom feeds that will provide all recent updates made on your website helping search engines to hold fresher content cashed into its indexing spiders on ongoing basis once they are made.

  4. Blogging

    In our today business online environment, many businesses start to realize the true impact of blogs and the art of blogging on search engine marketing and SEO as blogs are mostly popping up everywhere making sense of a very marketable and profitable SEO tool.

    As SEO experts, db-web knows how search engines love blogs. Basically, blogs are simply written to be easy for spiders to work through. Moreover, there is no flash or JavaScript obstacles in the way and the page code is often very clear and text-rich so you can say that blogs give search engines exactly what they want – original content written in a natural way.

    You can simply receive a big boost in your SEO strategy by regularly positing to your website blog. db-web professional team will apply regular blogging on your website in such manner will help your company find its nitch, increase the traffic coming to you, fast make your website SEO-friendly through sending the depth of your industry-related content to your targeted audience.

    Our team knows well that the strength of your blog lies in its relevant, keyword-rich content and its ability to attract inbound links. So we will work closely with our professional copywriters to provide you with daily posts on industry news, product releases, and user-generated content which will all in general count toward your page ranking.

  5. Social Bookmarking

    No doubt that social bookmarking is a powerful SEO tool effective in promoting a website, but unfortunately going through all of such social bookmarking sites is seen as very time and effort-consuming matter.

    Social bookmarking has the most positive and outstanding effects on website ranking, as it can introduce your website to others with relevant business, drive traffic into your website and provide you with valuable backlinks.

    Social bookmarking suggests how your website is seen by the targeted audience. It's then more favorable to allow voting so that classification system used by search engines including Google can easily monitor voting, level of your audience engagement, and how is the quality of your website content.

    Moreover, social bookmarking approach will introduce your site to search engines so that people may find you and bookmark your site URL or internal pages before search engine finds them via another of inbound links.

  6. Social Media Optimization

    Our customers love results, and we deliver them!

    When it comes to social media optimization, the bottom line in clients' point of view is getting results. db-web is here to help you get so. You'll know that you've made the right choice by hiring db-web team of hand-picked social media specialists to handle your social media networks. We will help you to quickly increase your social media traffic through our vast array of customized top-notch social media optimization services.

    Based on our deep experience of our professional social media specialists, we will deliver you social media optimization best serving your online presence. With db-web, you can get assured of many distinguished results including converting high search engine traffic flocks to your website which means more leads, growing sales and revenues for your business.

  7. Link Building Strategy

    A link building strategy is simply how to get other websites to link to yours in order to improve your own rankings on search engines particularly Google.

    No doubt that a strong link building strategy is key to reach SEO success. In 2015 changing SEO techniques, there are many different approaches that can be taken towards effective link building. Now, search engines value quality over quantity; thus, getting quality reliable links from relevant and authorized sites isn't that easy like.

    At a brief time in SEO history, one could build thousands of spam links and enjoyed watching his website climbing to the top of the first page results, but unfortunately Black Hat SEO techniques of such old days are long gone. They're no longer as effective as they used to be adding that their results are extremely short lived.

    Keeping updated with each and every change made in the SEO arena and particularly link building tips and tricks, db-web team will develop the best link building strategy that will work at all times and be in line with any search engine changes.

  8. Subscription into Different Directories

    Many of your potential customers are searching google among many other search engines for information on local services, but of course there is a great deal of users find their way more easy and effective to search a local business directory.

    In our today's online work environment overcrowded with many businesses and service providers in the same area of functionality, there is a plethora of online directories out there. Having your business information listed in as many places as possible is a good thing for your SEO.

    Listing in business directories is most beneficial to you in many ways the most important of which is that people using them will find you thus more leads are generated. The beautiful thing here is if such directory is well established enough to have strong SEO of its own, this will be reflected on your listing appear in Google maps search results indirectly driving people to your page. Moreover, making sure your website and business information is listed in top ranked directories is meaningful to build a number of backlinks giving your website a push in SEO efforts.

    But with so many directories out there as we said, how to know which one matter? How to determine whether it's worth paying for them? With db-web, you have not to worry about it at all. Our well-versed team is here for it. We will list your website, business information and contact details on the most effective directories which will derive your site rank.

  9. Google Webmaster Tools
    Want to get found on the web? db-web can help.

    Webmaster Tools is a free service provided by Google. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters. In general, it helps you in monitoring and maintaining your online presence and website rank in Google search results. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) can really help you understand the mechanism of how Google views your website in order to optimize its performance in search engine results.

    Keeping in mind GWT essentials, tips and guidelines, our hand-picked team of skilled webmasters will help you with identification of hot issues needed to be solved in your website, showing detailed traffic for each keyword separately. We will help you to get more information about your website performance based on Google search query.

  10. Content and Metadata

    As most search engines in 2015 follow a strict mechanism for classifying and displaying websites in their search pages (SERPs), content and metadata optimization for SEO become most important. Ranking in Google now for example is more to do with relevance, reputation and popularity; thus keywords deployment in your content and Meta tags if properly used are very effectiv.

    Meta tags and descriptions are of great significance to for webmaster to provide search engines with information about their websites. Meta tags are short and concise text describes a page's content. They don't appear on the page itself, they're only found in the page's code for search engines.

    Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that offer short explanation of the content of webpages. Meta descriptions are used on (SERPs) to display preview snapshot about a certain page. This allows users to have an idea about your website before heading to you, so it should be most interesting and concise describing your essence in order to attract the audience to click for your entire website to get more idea.

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