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Website Development is the backbone of online branding. It brings every aspect of your business together on the Web. It helps you manage, distribute and share your content more efficiently. It undoubtedly helps you improve the customer care and build rapport. It’s often the first place to start, whether you’re launching a new product or you’re aiming for a responsive site.

db-web’s team of talented, young and energetic professionals gather and collaborate to help bring your new design to life in developing your company’s perfect website – once the team understand your brand, your goals and your business, they create a design that speaks to you, as well as your clients.

At db-web, we don’t start with the technology; we begin with the ‘problem’. We ask the questions that come out of left field. We probe and prod - looking for the non-conventional angle on the problem. Then we find the right technology and mechanism to solve it.

Talking about web development drives us to mention the most important tool used in such process. When web developers and IT engineers work on a website or other developments projects, they used programing languages to deliver the layout for end-user. A programing language is a special language consists of standard form of algorithm-based commands interpreted into a code programmers use to develop applications, scripts, or other set of instructions for computers, cell phones, tablets, and other devices to execute.

Programming languages are divided into many categories varying according to the purpose for development as follows:

  • Applications Development
    It involves using the following languages: C, C#, C++, Java, and Visual Basic.
  • Database Development
    In this area, programmers usually use the following languages: DBASE, FoxPro, MySQL, and Visual FoxPro.
  • Game Development
    this type of development, programmers use the following languages: C, C#, C++, DarkBASIC, and Java.
  • Internet and Webpage Development
    For this most important and common type of development, programmers usually use of the following languages:
    HDML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, and XML.

According to reports and figures, it is mainly PHP and ASP.NET with Java Technologies starting to gain popularity in today’s web development work environment as illustrated in the following figure.

The most popular 3 programming languages!

db-web team of professional web developers and programmers with distinctive expertise adopts a client-focused result-oriented approach, modern lifecycle for development process and the most appropriate combination of both on-shore and off-shore resources to guarantee the success of your custom application development project.

Our Adopted Approach

db-web DevelopmentFor each project, clear communication is the key to achieve stunning results. At db-web, we have adopted a dedicated approach that begins with an initial discussion about the design project at hand. Our team of professional web developers gets into an in-depth look at the current situation; your story, requirements and needs, the message you have to deliver, the audience to whom you want to deliver, and the results and goals you are trying to reach.

Then, we have some time to take a look at the current system – if any – and make a system analysis for the large picture or context, and this step represents the foundation upon which our hand-picked team of web developers visualizes the status, explore the mission, and set the best fitting approaches to handle the required project.

The strongest concepts are brought into focus and sketches are presented. Designs are discussed and developed and honed into the final version through an iterative process. The project is completed with the creation of the final deliverable.

Further, the team brings into focus the strongest concepts and initial sketches to be presented to the client. Then, such initial designs and sketches are discussed and developed in order to provide the final version through a dedicated and iterative process cycle. Upon completion of the project, the final deliverable will be subject to corrections and changes as may be required by the clients to fully meet their needs.

How Long Will My Project Take?

Each client concerns about the average turnaround time taken for delivering his project. At db-web, we do care more about the time for we know how it is a significant factor for the success of any business or enterprise. In creating sketches for each step of the development process, db-web team of professional developers will keep in mind less time-consumed to give the client ability to review and discuss each step of the way in order to deliver the project of the top-notch quality within the required time span as scheduled in the proposal.

Web Development Solutions to Fit Your Budget!

db-web Developmentdb-web utilize its integrated set of industry, technology, and multi-platform expertise for successfully developing the most effective websites and custom application to serve our clients.

We offer high-quality web development services making your website surpasses your competitors. We can provide your website with a full range of web applications, such as online store, social network, a custom extension, content management system or anything else that comes into your mind!

Web Developers with Over 10 Years of Experience!

Web DevelopmentOur web developers can develop sophisticated website applications that would assist you to manage your business more efficiently online. You will directly contact with project manager, designer, web developer and anyone from your development team via our secure on-site ticket support system. Our developers have extensive coding experience in various programming languages.

We will work with you step by step to develop the best strategy to launch your project in the shortest possible time and with the lowest budget.

At db-web, our creative team of hand-picked calibers applies a strict consistent process cycle as follows:

Initial Consultation
Content Migration
Final Corrections
Site Delivery

Initial Consultation,We will arrange a meeting to discuss with you objectives and purposes of your website as well as content, target audiences, what works and what doesn’t work well in your website.
Who should attend consultation meeting? Two persons at least; one of them who makes decisions and/or serves as a point of contact for a larger group (e.g. collects feedbacks from staff) while another person is responsible for website’s content.
At the end, you’ll have small content migration team consists of web project manager and a content specialist.

Proposal, Approval and Decision-Making, During consultation meeting, we will provide project proposal outlines in details recommendations for website development process, basic work schedule and key decision points in the process.
This document is considered essential step in the process because it will serve as, including schedule outlined in, a plan and an informal contract for the work we’ll engage in.

Design/Template Customization, According to our plan, we’ll develop your site structure then share it with you asking for feedback so as to make any necessary revisions. we trust our templates we’ve built and believe that they are flexible enough to meet needs of various clients. We’re also interested in improving those temples, so please get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Content Migration and Creation, We’ll able to migrate any content directly while you are working on edits and create new content. We’re pleased to help you in your content, make recommendations and assist in selecting images for your site. Delays in any above parts of the process will obstruct our ability to deliver the site on time.

Final Corrections and Changes, To ensure that project schedule can stay on track, we ask you review and approve changes and corrections as quickly as possible.

Training and Support, Your new website tailored to enable you to add and manage your content easily. We are here to ensure that you know how to use it and answer any questions you have promptly. We will provide training during the site creation process and remain available to provide support once it’s live.

Site Delivery/Go-Live Date, We’ll mutually agree on go-live date. On that date, your old site will be archived and make the new one live putting the site and its content under your care.

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